Types Of Dog Collars

Types Of Dog Collars

Depending on what you want to do with your dog, there are a wide range of different types of collars designed specifically for different purposes.

You might want to just walk your dog, or do some intensive training. Collars are available for both of those purposes along with collars for identification of your dog, collars to direct behavioral problems and even collars simply for fashion and looks.
Let’s take a look at some of the types of collars which are available.

Chain Slip Collars

This type of collar is most often referred to as a choke chain and their purpose is for training only. They work by tightening around the dogs neck when you pull on the leash, usually a quick and aggressive tug. A chain slip collar should only be used when you know there really is no other way to train your dog.

Mostly, they are not an option because the danger of damaging your dogs throat or trachea is to great. They really should only be used by experts. If it’s your choice to use this type of collar, then learn how to use it, and take some advice from an expert.

Apart from posing a risk with of damage to your dog, if they are improperly used then they can be counterproductive.
It’s important that you should never leave your dog unattended while wearing a chain slip collar, because there is a real risk of strangulation.

Metal Prong Dog Collars.

These things look pretty wild and dangerous, but there are lots of dog trainers who find them effective for stubborn, large dogs who persist with pulling against the leash. Like a chain slip collar, you should only use this style of collar if you know what you’re doing.
They are also known as pinch collars and their main purpose is for correction of behavior during dog training. Just like a slip collar, never leave your pet unattended while wearing a metal pronged collar.

Martingale Dog  Collars

Sometimes referred to as a limited slip collar or greyhound collar, Martingale’s are used to guard against a dog slipping out of the collar while on the leash. These collars tighten to or control degree and there is a good mechanism to stop complete lock harsh closure on the neck. Unlike the more aggressive chain slip collars, there is no risk of damage to the dogs neck or trachea. They can be used on any dog can come in an immense array of colors, designs and materials.

Collars For Everyday Use

There’s a huge designer industry out there catering for your every need when it comes to everyday dog collars. Endless colors, designs and fastening systems are available. You should check online to find type of collar that suits you and your pet.

Whatever style, design or type of everyday color you choose, you should make sure that your dogs identification tag is firmly affixed to it.

Breakaway Collars

These collars are designed to allow them to break the dog struggles against them so as to prevent choking. They simply breakaway if by chance the dog gets tangled of the collar is caught in the dog struggles.
These collars can still be used as an everyday collar and for walking your dog. The trick is to attach the leash through both loops, thereby negating the breakaway design.

Head Collars

A head collar looks a bit like a muzzle or a harness, they used for a different reason.
They are really harnesses for the head and a designed to be used while training the dog to heel and walk on the leash. If the animal pulls against the leash, the dogs head turns. Soon, they feel unnatural during this and their behavior will change. They can be very useful in correcting leash pulling.

Dog Harnesses

A harness goes over a dog’s abdomen and chest. It crosses over the back and the leash is attached to the top. Lots of dog owners do prefer a harness rather than a collar because of the security, but many also feel that a in some way does tend to encourage pulling. They are useful for dogs who might have some kind of sensitive neck or some medical problems which prevent the wearing of a normal collar.

Collars For Show Dogs

Constructed mainly with a braided design they usually made out of leather, mental or nylon and are designed to add a bit of glitz and glamour.