Designer Dog Collars

Designer Dog Collars

Every dog needs to wear a dog collar, it is an indisputable fact.As this is the case, why not buy a dog collar that enhances your dog’s appearance. Many people dress up their pets in different ways, and while you may not necessarily be the type of pet owner who loves to put little dresses or jackets on their dog, why not at least spend a little more and buy a fashionable dog collar for your pet?

There are many different types of collars available on the market these days, however, in this article we are only going to be discussing the regular collars that your dog needs to wear every day and not training collars such as choke collars, harness collars or martingale collars that are used more specifically for training your dog.

Dog Collars Shouldn’t Be Complicated!

Buckle dog collars are some of the easiest to use as they simply snap open or shut, so no more struggling to restrain a wriggling puppy while you try to put on and do up its collar!One simple movement will have the collar on your puppy in an instant.They usually come in four standard sizes, ranging from small to extra large.They are often made from sturdy fabric and are very comfortable for your dog to use as well. Buckles are usually made from strong, hard plastic but you can also choose a fashion colored, metal buckle as well.

If you own more than one dog or if you are not always able to supervise your dog, you may want to consider the newer style break-away dog collars. These collars are specifically designed to pull apart should your dog’s collar become tangled on something thus they prevent the risk of strangulation.They are designed in such a way that when a leash is attached, the collar will not come undone, but if your dog is not on a leash and there is a lot of pressure placed on the collar it will automatically snap open.This is a great choice for outdoor dogs especially, or if you have more than one dog.

Dog Collars Should Always Be Safe!

Safety stretch dog collars are similar to the break-away dog collars in that they actually stretch apart whenever a leash is not attached. Thus if your dog ends up in a life-threatening situation, where it is caught on a fence or a branch, the collar will automatically stretch and your dog will be able to easily slip out of it.These are also very attractive collars that come in a variety of different colors.

If you really want to personalize your dog collar, you may want to check out the stud dog collars.A leather dog collar with studs really will look great on your dog, no matter what size it is.You can find leather or vinyl collars in an array of different colors with studs.For the smaller, toy dog you could choose a dainty pink or light blue collar with small silver studs and for the larger breeds a leather studded collar may be more appropriate.

Even Bad Dogs Deserve to Look Good!

Even for the dogs who need to wear Elizabethan dog collars to stop them from reaching wounds, there are much nicer styles available than the old-style, single color, cone-shaped collars.
There are Elizabethan collars that resemble a thick donut when closed that are very effective at keeping a dog from biting wounds or stitches but that look fine. If your pup must wear a standard Elizabethan collar try shopping around for a colored collar.

Another idea, if you pup must wear one, is to buy a soft cone collar that will actually collapse down when your pup lays his head down but offer the same protection.